Our Mission Statement to You
Hello there, my name is J.C. Chapman and if you have a few seconds I would like to share something with you.  I am the owner
of A Helping Hand Construction . My company has been in business now for over 10 years, providing all types of services
& repairs for the every day home owner, and throughout my growing experience, I have found that home owners are very busy
and very wiery in the since that they don't have a lot of time on their hands to be dealing the sometimes dreaded tasks of home
repairs not to mention the costs that come along with them.  Well, there are some secrets that not many companies seem to know
in their every day practices that are very beneficial to their customers in more ways than just the obvious, you see the confusing
parts normally come down to 4 portions.
1. Knowledge, when a repair comes to the surface and needs to be taken care of it becomes a thorn.  About 50% of home
owners do not realize what goes into a quality repair from start to finish in order to get it repaired correctly so that it doesn't
happen again, having said this, it doesn't make this gruelling task any easier when someone shows up at the door, and starts
rambling about how to resolve the situation when the customer can't follow with understanding and confidence that the repair is
being resolved once and for all.  Which is where my experience comes in.  I have been in this industry for most of my life, and I
have found that rambling off a lot of information before a customer asks, normally can overwhelm the consumer, instead of
informing them and giving them comfort that everything is going to be fine. I want to know where the consumer is coming from
and their level of knowledge so that I can provide the information they don't already know, so they  don't feel belittled and they
feel comfortable in making an informed decision.
2. Budgeting.  Meaning, most consumers don't really have a budget set aside for home repairs. When contractors show up @
your door, they are there with the subconscious mind set of becoming wealthy at what they do for a living.  This can normally be
seen from the beginning.  This is where the line is drawn for my company.  I want to be in this industry for as long as my
customers want my services, and as long as I am able to provide them.  I am not in this industry to get rich, I want to provide a
service that "helps" the home owner continue their lives without the constant worries about their needed repairs.
When a price is given for a particular repair sometimes it isn't in the budget and for that reason, it may not get resolved before it
turns into a major money pit.  There needs to be a open line of communication throughout the entire process, so that the consumer
can put their thoughts and needs on the table and still get these problems resolved.  Communication is the key to success in every
aspect of life, situations get handled a lot smoother when all the feelings are shared, and an agreement is reached.                       
3. Trust, when a contract is being introduced in any business, there needs to be trust between both participating parties.  
Sometimes if the communication isn't open between contractor and customer, hesitation and confusion be a factor of getting the
services you need.  This should not a part of home services.  I want to meet you and become your friend in business that you can
trust and rest assured that your needs and budget can be met, both at the same time.  
If these 3 issues can be accomplished when you need help with your home repairs, it can be a very comforting and exciting
experience!  Call, to get us to service your residential needs!
4. Quality, that sometimes seems to be a thing of the past. Just as the lumber used in older homes that is so strong you cant drive
a new nail through it, and the quality of the work in those same homes that make them so valuable, that same quality isn't used
today, too many builders are trying to increase profits. The love of the trades involved in the building, and the finishing work
seems to be left out of our new homes. We have worked some of the most beautiful older homes, the layouts were outdated, but
they were built so well. Why cant that happen today is my question to these cookie cutter builders.

We are a small business that enjoys creating beautiful upgrades in our homes, we also enjoy the pride that goes with
understanding the skills and the know how to build anything and make nearly any repair because we have seen and learned so
much through the years. With the skills and the eye for detail we put into everything we do, all the way down to answering the
phone, I know we will be here for many more years to come, larger or still small and staying busy helping fellow home owners, I
cant wait to meet each and everyone of you. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and i hope it creates a
friendship/relationship with you and I.