New kitchens adds huge value to
your home and freshens the area.
Enclosing a fireplace with stone and
a new mantel, updated from years
and years ago.
                Custom new tiling to add style to any bathroom.
Before..... not installed correctly, however, after A Helping Hand Const.
Custom kitchen tile with mosaic accents, and no thresholds makes for a safer walking surface and blends great, and creates a larger
looking space. The finished result speaks for itself.
Improperly installed flashing can cause leaks into the interior framing, resulting in costly repairs that could have been avoided.This
damage was covered up, not repaired, resulting in costly framing repairswhich should always be treated lumber for ext. surfaces,
wet, & entrance areas.
This fully gutted and
remodelled bathroom
once had a garden
tub, and small shower
where the shelving is
now. The concrete
floor had to be
relocated to
accommodate this
beautiful doorless
The new paint and
new trim added.
Rounded corners on
the outside the
shower provide
smoother surface
less the sharp
edges, and the
details of the base
trim folding around
the corner of the
Contact us now, and
receive 15% off your
new kitchen or bath
remodel. Free
estimates as always,
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should to pay geta
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Screen porches, and rescreens to
make them more comfortable to be in.
We install green
products such as
Bamboo flooring,
which grows in
abundance and is
very durable.
Not only do we use
the right tools, we
put our hearts into
every project we take