A small master bath rendered unusable to due
leaks in shower tiling, a non working toilet, with
a desperate need for updating.
Lack of space, required the addition of a custom simple
tiled bench seat for comfort, this and all fixtures custom
built & tiled for uniformity
A built in wall mirror along with make up area
allows for additional usable space with simplicity.
The beauty & functionality of a matching vessel sink and
water-fall faucet resting on a custom built free standing
perch eliminating the need for a bulky vanity to take up
There is no comparison to the beauty of natural
sunlight, installing a Velux Ridged Sun Tunnel
will bring in the sunlight for dusk to dawn,
therefore during daylight hours, saving power,
and lighting with the sun.
In the early morning hours, or the late evening hours,
installing the economical recessed can lighting with
daylight powerful daylight cfl light bulbs gives the
impression of daylight, highlighting the light colored tile
and slate tile breaking up the wall's pattern to increase
the size effect of the smaller bathroom.
The fiberglass shower insert prevents the future potential cracks & leaks that can form in a tiled shower
base. This base also draws the attention of the eye to the seating in the shower & coordinates the
shower with the new toilet.